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Hospital Bag Checklist

Posted on 03July2017

Hospital Bag Checklist

Are you a first time expecting mum getting overwhelmed with all the advice you hear from friends and family? Your advice might range from what to shop for baby to what sort of contraceptive pills are safe  post delivery. First time or not, when a new baby is on its way, we have to start thinking about packing our hospital bags.

The best time to start shopping is at the beginning of the third trimester as you don’t want to leave it till last minute. But, you can start as early as you want. The earlier you start, the better bargains you can get.

Hospital bag is so invaluable and our detailed checklist would ease up your packing.

For Baby


You need at least 2 per day. These are perfect for layering in winter. Look for envelope necklines as they are easy to remove without pulling it over babies head.

Growsuits or Rompers

At least 2 a day. These are an essential part of your babies wardrobe to keep them warm and comfortable during sleep time. Look for cotton ones as they let the babies skin breathe and regulate temperature. Organic cotton is even better. Look for the ones with zips or stud buttons. Fold-over mittens and socks are good too. Our organic zip romper range comes with a fold over mittens and socks, 2-way zippers and is ideal for a newborn.


Swaddles are a must have. The best option is to buy muslin, bamboo or jersey organic cotton swaddles. It is also handy to master the art of swaddling. The midwife's usually guided you with swaddling for the first few times.


One nice and cozy organic cotton or merino wool blankets would suffice. For people living in tropics, this is optional.

Hats or Beanies

One a day. These are especially useful on the day you want to bring the baby home.

Booties or Socks

Socks or booties are essential for keeping the baby warm and cosy during sleep time.

Baby Bath Towel

It is a good idea to pack a pure organic cotton hooded towel for the special first bath.

Face Washers

Infant Car Seat

Remember your baby must travel home in a car seat. It is good to get an expert fit your car seat before hand. Most of the shops that sell infant car seats offer FREE fitting service on certain days.

Going Home Outfit Set

It is a good idea to pack this set separately for bringing the baby home. It is a such a special and memorable moment for you to cherish and we suggest you to pre-pack this outfit to make it as perfect as can be.


Most hospitals offer nappies during the course of your stay. It is better to check with the hospital and pack them accordingly.

Baby Wipes

2 or 3 packs

Baby Moisturizer and Soap

Pure Sorbolene lotion or organic range liquid soap such as Gaia that are proven to be safe for delicate baby skin.


For Mums

Paper Work

Medicare card and any paperwork that might be required
A handy pen and a notebook
If you are planning to have a birth plan, better to finish it off and keep it ready

Labour Dress

You can probably choose an old comfortable night dress for labour 


You need at least one a day. Good to pack extra sets. Pajamas with opening for breastfeeding if you are planning to breastfeed

Dressing Gown or Robe

A light-weight dress robe

Warm Socks

A pair of warm socks or cosy indoor slippers

Heat or Cold Packs

Hospitals usually have heat or cold packs available. But it is a good idea to pack one yourself as they quickly run out.

A pair of nice comfortable loungewear

Going home outfit

Breastfeeding bras

It is a good idea to get fitted during and after your pregnancy as your bra sizes may change

Comfortable Underwear

Set of cotton breathable underwear

Sanitary Pads

Sanitary pads that are designed for maternity

Toiletry Bag

Your usual toiletry stuff with essentials such as hair brush, shampoo, conditioner, toothbrush, toothpaste, lip balm, deodorant, moisturizer, hair ties.

Eyeglasses if you need one

Breast Pads

A soothing music CD

Jacket or Cardigan for yourself depending on the weather

Ear Plugs

Calming Oils

Essential oils and vaporizer if you prefer them for relaxing

Credit Cards/Change

Credit cards and change for parking, snacks etc..

Few of your favourite books or magazines

A bunch of plastic bags for packing dirty clothes

Stop timer app in your phone to monitor contractions

Extra Clothes

List of phone numbers to share the happy news

Last minute packing

Your camera, phone, wallet, batteries, and chargers  

We recommend you wash all the clothes prior to packing them in your bag. It is handy to have some painkillers as you might need them after delivery.

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